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Behavior Driven Development - BDD

I am very excited about a new design and testing methodology called BDD that I have been researching for a new project. The acronym means Behavior Driven Development, and the basic difference from good old TDD (Test Driven Depelopment) is that it changes the focus of the test from the programmers perspective to the business perspective. 

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) allows you to build automated tests to validate stories based on the business requirements and the scenarios that are extracted from these.  In my honest opinion this adds plenty of value to your testing strategy and its output which can now be used to directly validate the user acceptance criteria. 

A lot of you might be saying, can't I already do that in TDD? Yes, but the difference is now you have a standard way of describing stories and tasks around a common terminology that both you and the end user (business) will understand.

The following is a short list of resources on the topic:

Thank you for reading,

Roberto Hernandez