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Microsoft C# MVP 2010 – Thank You!

I got an email yesterday congratulating and welcoming me as a Microsoft C# MVP for 2010.  I tweeted about it but had a hard time coming up with words (140 chars) that expressed my gratitude towards the Virginia, Maryland, and DC developer community. This award would not have happened without their support. 


I moved to the region in late 2007 and I was saddened to leave behind a lot of the communities that I  had helped to build in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. But, I was excited and impressed with the large number of developer communities that thrive in the region and the quality and professionalism of the leaders that run these communities.  As a developer and active participant of many of these developer communities I encourage you to exploit these invaluable resources of knowledge and growth.


A special thanks to,

Washington, DC -  District Of Columbia Developer’s Community (DCDNUG)

Maryland – Central Maryland Association of .NET Professionals (CMAP)

Maryland – Rockville .NET User’s Group (ROCKNUG)

Virginia – Capital Area .NET User’s Group (CAPAREA)

Virginia – ALT.NET DC Chapter (ALTNETDC)

Virginia – Richmond Code Camp (RichCC)