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Rumble Radar Released!

Recently, motivated by the launch of Windows 8 and the recent seismic activity on the Mid-Atlantic region.  I began to work on a very simple project, a Windows 8 Store application that showcases recent significant seismic activity worldwide using the data provided by the United States Geological Survey (  I am proud to announce that the first version of my app “Rumble Radar” is available now for download from the Windows 8 Store. 


Click here to download:

- Geocodes and groups significant earthquakes, as designated by USGS, for the past 7 days.
- Color encodes earthquakes using alert level, as assigned by USGS.
- Links to detail information at USGS Website. 

Roadmap/Future Enhancements
- Expand dataset to include all earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 and greater for the past 30 days.
- Interactive map of all earthquakes.
- Generate date based statistics per region.

WinJS: Do I have internet access?

Odds are the new shiny Windows Store application you are writing will pull some information from the internet for your users to consume.  In fact, the default templates that Microsoft provides already make that assumption. That makes it very likely that you will want to know if the device your application is running on has an active internet connection.  Well Microsoft provides us with a very rich Network API (click here for more info) that you could use to answer such a question. But if want to write less code or want to provide an abstraction layer from WinRTs API, then you could write something similar to this: 

A very basic sample would look like:

Or my favorite style: