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Double Duty at Richmond Code Camp 2010.01

I will be presenting at the upcoming Richmond Code Camp 2010 spring edition, held at the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College campus on Parham Road.  For additional details visit the Richmond Code Camp website at


I am looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces that make up the Code Camp experience what it is. 


The following are the topics I will be presenting on,


Articulate your Data with FluentNHibernate

Learn how to use NHibernate, arguably the most used and powerful OSS ORM, using strongly typed fluent configurations. Avoid the hassle of building hundreds of XML files for mapping and configuration, and explore the benefits of Convention over Configuration while increasing your productivity.


Designing an ASP.NET MVC2 Application for Testability

The ASP.NET MVC Framework greatly improved the testability of an ASP.NET Web application by allowing us to easily apply unit and integration testing techniques to our Controllers, Filters, Binders, and more. But testing these components in isolation doesn't prove that your site functions as expected and outlined in the business requirements. Learn how to design and implement testability from the view perspective using BDD techniques applied to frameworks such as SpecFlow, Watin, and NUnit.