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Rumble Radar Released!

Recently, motivated by the launch of Windows 8 and the recent seismic activity on the Mid-Atlantic region.  I began to work on a very simple project, a Windows 8 Store application that showcases recent significant seismic activity worldwide using the data provided by the United States Geological Survey (  I am proud to announce that the first version of my app “Rumble Radar” is available now for download from the Windows 8 Store. 


Click here to download:

- Geocodes and groups significant earthquakes, as designated by USGS, for the past 7 days.
- Color encodes earthquakes using alert level, as assigned by USGS.
- Links to detail information at USGS Website. 

Roadmap/Future Enhancements
- Expand dataset to include all earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 and greater for the past 30 days.
- Interactive map of all earthquakes.
- Generate date based statistics per region.